Certification Services

The Office of the Registrar provides certification of enrollment, registration, graduation status, and academic standing; and can process school loans deferments requests for current GW students and alumni.

Requests for Certification Services can now be created electronically, and a variety of electronic and traditional delivery option are available.

GW students and alumni who have access to their GW email account can verify their identity and authorize requests for certification on-line. Special instructions will be send to your GW email accounts. All others must submit an pdf Electronic Request Authorization Form, signed by the student.

We are unable to process any request until authorization has been received.

Certification requests are generally completed within 4 business days but may take longer depending on the nature of the request (course descriptions, notarization, etc). Requests may also take longer during especially busy times of the year such as the first two weeks of the semester and the period following spring commencement.

The university records system provides all students with one extra year for their expected graduation date. Should you need to move your expected graduation date forward please email [email protected] for assistance.


Common Types of Certifications

Academic Standing

Letters of Academic Standing are produced for current students who request confirmation of their academic standing at the university. The letter will only state whether or not the student is in good academic standing. Any additional information, such as GPA or Dean’s List status, must be specifically indicated on the request form.


Letters of Enrollment primarily certify the semesters in which a student is or has been enrolled, the dates of those semesters, and the student’s enrollment status (full-time, half-time, or less-than-half-time). Only past and present semesters can be certified for enrollment. A Letter of Registration can be provided for a future term provided the student is registered for classes at the time of the request. Once a semester begins immediate self-service enrollment certificates will be available from the National Student Clearinghouse via a GWeb link on the Student Records menu.


Letters of Graduation are used to confirm that an individual has completed a degree program and been awarded a degree from the university. These letters primarily certify the degree that was awarded and the date of graduation. Other information can be included as long as it can be supported by the student’s academic record.

Half-Time/Full-Time Certification

Graduate students only

The Half-Time/Full-Time Certification form can be used by graduate students to update their enrollment status. Students must complete the form, obtain their advisor's signature, and submit it to their Dean's Office for approval. Once approved, students may request a certification letter with their new enrollment status indicated.


Letters of Invitation can be used by current students to invite friends and/or family members to the United States. These letters are mostly requested to invite family members to the graduation ceremony or persons to visit while the student is pursuing a degree. Students must be registered for future term or currently enrolled to request a letter of invitation for a visit, or must have applied for graduation to request a letter of invitation for the graduation ceremony.

The request must include the proper spelling of each visitor's name and his or her relationship to the student requesting the letter. You are strongly encouraged to print neatly or type the names for a Letter of Invitation to ensure proper spelling in the final letter.

Loan Deferment Forms

Loan Deferment Forms, once submitted to a lender, may allow a student to defer repayment of a student loan. Typically, these forms certify a student’s enrollment dates, status, and anticipated date of graduation. Lenders will usually provide a student with the deferment form, but if one has not been provided, the Office of the Registrar can produce an enrollment letter. Only past and present semesters can be certified. If a semester has not yet started, it is not a “present semester” - even if registration exists.

Professional Certifications

Professional Certifications can be used to verify the professional education for past and present students (mostly for Medical School and Law School students). All materials must be provided to the Registrar’s Office at the time of the request. Medical licensure applications will generally require the student’s dates of attendance and date of degree. Some forms may ask the department to certify that an attached photograph is indeed the student. State bar applications vary greatly from state to state in their requirements. Some professional certifications must be completed at each individual professional office. The Office of the Registrar will work with the Medical School or the Law School to complete the request.